Description of XML Interfaces

XML interfaces are basically text message interfaces that send data via HTTPS protocol (http over 128-bit SSL) to special certification web servers of the system. Data is sent in the XML format with help of special module for authentication of WebMoney Keeper key files or standard certificates (WM Keeper WebPro certificates).

Description of XML-interfaces for transfer WMZ and WME are resulted in special article.

Interfaces using WM Keeper WinPro authentication are located at https://w3s.webmoney.ru/asp/XML*.asp. Interfaces using WM Keeper WebPro certificate authentication are located at https://w3s.wmtransfer.com/asp/XML*Cert.asp.

In case WM Keeper WinPro authentication is used, the request submitted to the certification server passes a signature created in the same manner as for https interfaces. The signature is sent in the parameter: <sign>...</sign>
In case WM Keeper WebPro authentication is used, WM Keeper WebPro certificate is used when connecting to the server: https://w3s.wmtransfer.com. In this case the <sign>...</sign> parameter is not used.

Regardless of the authentication type, requests have similar format and differ only in the method of creation and transmission of signature. Below you will find samples of requests:

Structure of a request based on WM Keeper WinPro authentication (signature is created using WMSigner)

  <reqn></reqn> - request number
  <wmid></wmid> - WMID  of the signer
  <sign></sign> - signature created using WMSigner
    ... - request parameters

Structure of a request based on WM Keeper WebPro certificate authentication (Parameters wmid and sign should not be used; WMID's certificate should be used to connect to the server). You will find more information on certificates at msdn.microsoft.com
  <reqn></reqn> - request number
    ... - request parameters

In responding to a request, the server determines the data that needs to be returned. The structure of a response does not depend on the authentication type. Below you will find a sample response structure:

  <reqn></reqn> - number of the request the server is responding to 
  <retval></retval> - error code: 0 - successfully performed 
  <retdesc></retdesc> - error description if retval != 0
    ... - response parameters

The following interfaces can be used by online businesses:


  • Interface X1 — Sending Invoice from merchant to customer
  • Interface X2 — Transferring funds from one purse to another
  • Interface X3 — Receiving the History of Transactions; checking Transaction status
  • Interface X4 — Receiving the history of issued invoices. Verifying whether invoices were paid
  • Interface X5 — Completing a code-protected transaction. Entering a protection code
  • Interface X6 — Sending message to random WM-identifier via internal mail
  • Interface X7 — Verifying client’s handwritten signature – owner of WM Keeper WinPro
  • Interface X8 — Retrieving information about purse ownership. Searching for system user by his/her identifier or purse
  • Interface X9 — Retrieving information about purse balance
  • Interface X10 — Retrieving list of invoices for payment
  • Interface X11 — Retrieving information from client’s passport by WM-identifier
  • Interface X12 — Importing statement of a purse into a 1C document
  • Interface X13 — Recalling incomplete protected transaction
  • Interface X14 — Fee-free refund
  • Interface X15 — Viewing and changing settings of “by trust” management
  • Interface X16 — Creating a purse
  • Interface X17 — Operations with arbitration contracts
  • Interface X18 — Getting transaction details via merchant.webmoney
  • Interface X19 — Verifying personal information for the owner of a WM identifier
  • Interface_X20 — Making transactions through the merchant.webmoney service without leaving the seller’s site (resource, service, application)
  • Interface_X21 — Setting trust for merchant payments by SMS
  • Interface_X22 — Receiving the ticket of prerequest payment form at merchant.webmoney
  • Interface_X23 — Rejection of received invoices/cancellation of issued invoices.

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