WebMoney root certificate

The WebMoney Transfer root certificate is required for working securely with websites using WebMoney Transfer. It is designed for verifying the authenticity of such websites when establishing a secure connection over the HTTPS protocol.

The root certificate can be installed automatically when installing WM Keeper WinPro. In this case the certificate is placed in the certificate store for Internet Explorer. If you use other browsers, or want to install it manually, download the certificate from cert.wmtransfer.com and follow the following instructions:

You can also download the WebMoney root certificate in PEM format (for use with the CURL library).

The current root certificate expires on June 7, 2010. In order to avoid problems when accessing WebMoney Transfer services, it is recommended that you install the new root certificate as soon as possible. The new one will expire on March 10, 2035. All the same you must leave the old root certificate on your system until it expires.