Interface X4

Interface X4. Receiving the history of issued invoices. Verifying whether invoices were paid.

  • Request properties
Name Purpose Description
reqn Request number An integer, maximum 15 digits. Should always be larger than the number of the previously submitted request!!!
wmid Signer's WMID Is used only with the WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
sign Request signature: formed from the parameters purse + reqn Is used only with the WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
getoutinvoices Properties of the requsted invoice (invoices) which will be used during the search purse, datestart, datefinish are required, the rest may be left undefined or set to 0; if wminvid or orderid is specified , datestart and datefinish are not used to find invoices
getoutinvoices\purse Number of the purse for which the invoice was issued  
getoutinvoices\wminvid Invoice number (in the WebMoney system) An integer > 0
getoutinvoices\orderid Serial invoice number Serial invoice number set by the sender. A positive integer of 15 digits maximally, less than 999999999999999.
getoutinvoices\datestart Minimum date and time of invoice creation YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS
getoutinvoices\datefinish Maximum date and time of invoice creation YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS
  • Response format
    <outinvoices cnt="n" >
        <outinvoice id="n1" ts="n2">
Name Purpose Description
reqn Request number  
retval Execution code 0-means that the request was executed successfully.
retdesc Execution code meaning  
outinvoices List of issued invoices received in response n property stands for the number of invoices satisfying the request
outinvoices\outinvoice Invoice properties id defines the unique invoice number in the WebMoney system. ts stands for the auxiliary number of the invoice in the WebMoney system.
outinvoice\orderid Invoice number Invoice number set by the sender
outinvoice\customerwmid Customer's WMID  
outinvoice\storepurse Number of the purse where funds should be sent  
outinvoice\amount Amount that the customer should pay  
outinvoice\desc Description of the product or service  
outinvoice\address Delivery address  
outinvoice\period Maximum protection period allowed (in days) The maximal period for repaying the credit in an invoice issued for WMD-purse.
outinvoice\expiration Maximum valid period (in days)  
outinvoice\state Payment status -0 – not paid, -1 – paid with protection,
-2 – payment complete,
-3 - rejected
outinvoice\datecrt Date and time of invoice creation  
outinvoice\dateupd Date and time of the latest invoice status change  
outinvoice\wmtranid Transaction number in the WebMoney system(if the invoice has been paid)  
outinvoice\customerpurse Payer's purse (if the invoice has been paid)