Interface X12

Interface X12. Importing statement of a purse into 1C document.

This interface demonstrates possibilities of integrating interfaces for importing statement of a WM purse with 1C software documents.

The interface doesn't have any adaptation to a specific typical configuration, as the sphere of application of this technology is quite wide and it can be used both in configurations on the basis of the "Accounting" component and in configurations using the "Records management" component.

As a demonstration example we chose the following interface: Retrieving statement of transactions for a purse in the Webmoney system as the most required one before starting integration works.

The given interface is provided as md-file, whose configuration contains the "Statement of WM purse" document and "Statement of WM purse" book. (This document and the book, if necessary can be easily copied from this configuration into any other. All procedures and functions are contained in the module form of "Statement of WM purse" book).

To test this configuration you are required to install WM Keeper WinPro software.

Except standard tools 1C "Enterprise" uses three additional components, which must be pre-installed beforehand:

  • V7plus.dll is included into the package of modern typical configurations distributed by 1С company on ITS disks.
  • WM Signer. To register АсtiveX-element and ensure possibility to call it from applications it is necessary to run the following command from the command line (the current folder must be the folder where file is located): regsvr32 WMSignerX.dll and reboot your machine.
  • WinHttp. This component is registered in the same way (see paragraph 2)).

After registering all necessary components, unpack the md-file into a separate catalog and by using the configurator create a new empty database and launch it in "Enterprise" mode. (Enter just created folder, in configurator mode. Give affirmative answers to all program questions. After configuration opens, press F11 Give affirmative answers to all program questions.) Open "Statement of WM purse" book and create new document. Fill in all header fields. "WM purse number" - WM purse number for which statement is made; "WMID" - your WMID; "Path to Keys file" - copy it from the main Keeper menu - "Program settings" - "Security" - "Store keys in..."; "Password" - password to your Keeper. Attention! For your safety purposes, do not ever store your password in 1C document. In demo version this field is open only for illustration purposes. Press the "Fill" button.

You can find a more detailed description of how to work with the "Statement of WM purse" in its form module.

Attention!!! This interface does not contain any specific solutions on how to make accounting entries, this is only an interface for transmitting information about payments from the WebMoney system into 1C document. To process this document and make necessary entries on the basis of this document you have to do on your own together with your accountant, as only an accountant knows how to enter transactions made on your WM purse. It would be useful for an accountant to familiarize with typical entry samples

See also XML-interfaces