Interface X5

Interface X5. Completing a code-protected transaction. Entering a protection code.

Only registered clients are allowed to use this interface. To get access to this interface you need to register by sending information on your project, IP and URL of your website and purpose for use of this interface to the WMID 941977853154 (technical support) via WM Keeper. Also your WMID should have personal WM passport (requests may take up to three working days to process).

  • Request properties
Name Purpose Description
reqn Request number An integer, maximum 15 digits; Should always be larger than the number of previous request submitted!!!
wmid Signer's WMID Is used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method;
sign Request's signature Uses the following parameters: wmtranid+pcode+reqn Is used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method;
finishprotect Transaction attributes  
finishprotect\wmtranid Unique transaction number in the WebMoney system An integer
finishprotect\pcode Protection code Line in the range of 0 – 255 characters. No spaces in the beginning and in the end;
To complete the payment performed by means of Web Merchant Interface using the holding feature, the parameter should be epmty.
  • Response format
    <operation id="n1" ts="n2">
  • Response properties
Name Purpose Description
reqn Request number  
retval Execution code 0 means that the request was executed successfully;
20 means that protection code was invalid but there are still attempts left (8 total);
retdesc Execution code interpretation  
operation Transaction attributes id defines unique invoice number in the WebMoney system; ts stands for a auxiliary number of the invoice in the WebMoney system;
operation\opertype Transfer type 0 – simple;
12 – code protected, funds were returned because protection period ended or number of attempts to provide right protection code was exceeded (8);
operation\dateupd Date and time of the latest transaction status change YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS