WM Keeper WebPro

WM Keeper WebPro connects to the WebMoney System through an Internet browser and no additional WM Keeper WinPro software is required or downloaded. This method of connection is used by account holders who, for one reason or another, do not want or do not have the ability to use the fully installed version of the WM Keeper software on their personal computer. Access to WebMoney Transfer using WM Keeper WebPro can take place on any computer which is connected to the Internet and also on any mobile device which allows web browsing.

WM Keeper WebPro does not require the installation of any downloaded program on the user's computer. Access to the account is easily made through an Internet browser and protected using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection. This version of a WebMoney connection offers slightly less options than the original WM Keeper WinPro client software.

WM Keeper WebPro supports many different browser versions and easily works on many platforms. WM Keeper WebPro establishes a direct connection to the hosts computer using the computer's root certificate of WebMoney.

An original WebMoney account that was registered using WM Keeper WebPro cannot be used to connect through the downloaded WM Keeper WinPro software. This is also true in reverse, account holders that register a new account using WM Keeper WinPro may not use the WM Light version to access WebMoney Transfer.

There are two options for the registration of an account using WM Keeper WebPro:

  • Open the account by obtaining a personal certificate. Use this certificate to establish your identity during log in.
  • By password with E-num or SMS confirmation.

Login to WM Keeper WebPro is done through the WebMoney Login service :

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