Interface X13

Interface X13. Recalling incomplete protected transaction.

This interface is available only to registered users. If you are owner of Merchant passport and use then to recall protected transactions made to the active purse you can use this interface without additional registration. Otherwise, you have to register by sending via internal mail a message to WMID 941977853154" (Technical support) short information about your project, URL of your web-site, IP address, from which requests will be sent, purpose for using this interface. The Keeper signing requests should have Personal passport (requests can be processed up to three working days).

This interfaces allows the recipient of protected transaction (by time or protection code) to complete still unfinished transaction before protection period expires and return the received means to the sender. The interface supports working by trust for WM identifiers having the option of "making transactions" to the purse of the recipient of the means (in this case, the wmid tag can have additional trusted identifier, which differs from the identifier of the recipient of means but which can allow you to sign and make this request to recall protected transaction).

  • Request parameters:
name purpose comments
reqn Request number An integer, maximum 15 digits;It should always be greater than the number of the previous request!!!
wmid Signer's WMID Used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
sign Request signature Uses the following parameters: rejectprotect/wmtranid+reqn; used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
rejectprotect Parameters of the recalled transaction
rejectprotect\wmtranid Transaction ID The tag contains transaction number (an integer, positive number) according to the WebMoney Transfer (wmtranid) internal accounting, and the transaction must be protected (by code or time), and the status of protected transaction as incomplete.
  • Response format:
  <operation id="n1" ts="n2">
  • Response parameters:
name purpose comments
reqn Request number
retval Execution code 0 - request successful, the interface returns the same error codes as Interface X2 does.
retdesc Description of execution code
operation Parameters of completed transaction 'id' attribute - unique transaction number in the WebMoney system;
'ts' attribute - official transaction number in the Webmoney system
operation\opertype Transaction (payment) type Can have three values:
0 - usual (the means were successfully delivered from the sender to the recepient),
4 - protected (incomplete),
12 - protected (recalled)
operation\dateupd Date and time of last change of transaction status

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