XML-interfaces to top-up WMZ and WME

This section shows System Interfaces based on queries (requests) to a special Web server via https (SSL 128 bit) in XML format using a specialized authentication module for WM Keeper WinPro keys or for standard x.509 certificates (WM Keeper WebPro).

To work with XML-interfaces you need to address the dedicated certification web-server. All interfaces are located at https://transfer.gdcert.com/[XML interface name].aspx.

The query authentication is performed based on the formed signature located at <sign>...</sign> and created using WM Keeper WinPro keys.

If authentication is performed via WM Keeper WebPro certificate the formed signature must be located at <sign>...</sign> in the format of base64.

An example of the query with authentication:

   <reqn></reqn> - query ID
   <wmid></wmid> - WM ID, that signed the query
   <sign></sign> - signature formed using a WMSigner;
module    <query_type>
    ... - query parameters

Interfaces files names and parameters for queries and replies are listed in the description of each interface:

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