Interface X9

Interface X9. Retrieving information about purse balance.

This interface is available only to registered clients. This interface is only available for registered clients who also added X2 interface

  • Request parameters:
name purpose comments
reqn Request number An integer without delimiter, max 15 digits; This value must always be greater than the number of the previous purse balance request!!!
wmid Signer's WMID Used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
sign Request signature - takes the following parameters: getpurses/wmid+reqn Used only with WM Keeper WinPro authorization method
getpurses Request parameters
getpurses\wmid WM-identifier 12 digits
  • Response format:
    <purses cnt="n">
        <purse id="n">
  • Response parameters:
name purpose comments
reqn Request number
retval Request execution code 0 - Request successful
retdesc Description of request execution code
purses The list of purses, retrieved by the request cnt attribute - number of purses of the specified identifier
purses\purse Purse parameters id attribute - WM purse unique internal number
purse\pursename WM purse number a letter+12 digits
purse\amount Amount on WM purse
purse\desc short description of the purse
purse\outsideopen 0/1
  • Execution/Error Codes:
Code Description
-100 General parsing error. Incorrect request format. (XMLParser error - "+reason+" Request.TotalBytes:"+Request.TotalBytes)
-110 Requests are sent from a different IP address than the one specified ison the Web Merchant Interface settings page in the "Advanced parameters" table"
-1 Invalid invalid relying`s identifier
-2 invalid WMID for verification
-3 invalid signature
-5 invalid signature:'+PlanStr
110 No access to interface
111 Attempt to request a balance from a WM purse which does not belong to the WMID used to sign the request; Security trust has not been established

See also XML-interfaces