Interface X7

Interface X7. Verifying client's handwritten signature - owner of WM Keeper WinPro.

This interface is designed for verifying authenticity of the handwritten signature in messages, generated by WM Keeper WinPro keys. All parameters are passed in Win-1251 encoding.

This interface is out of date for the moment. We recommend that you use the WebMoney Login service.

  • request parameters:
name purpose comments
wmid WMID of the user who signed the request used only when authorizing WM Keeper WinPro keys
sign request signature is formed using the following parameters: wmid+testsign\wmid+testsign\plan+testsign\sign used only when authorizing WM Keeper WinPro keys
testsign\wmid WM-identifier of the client to be authenticated 12 digits
testsign\sign line signature passed in the testsign\plan parameter, generated by the client to be authenticated  
testsign\plan the line that the client must have signed  

In case there are tags in the string signed by the client, then you must include the contents of the corresponding request element (testsign\plan) into the CDATA section: &lt;![CDATA[your_text]]>.

  • response format:
  • response parameters:
name purpose comments
retval request processing code 0 - request successful
retdesc description of request processing code
res authentication result yes - authentication successful,
no - authentication unsuccessful (wrong client signature)

See also: XML-interfaces