E-num Usage

E-num is an authorization system ensuring WebMoney services are accessed with a secret key (a unique cypherpad) stored in a user’s mobile phone (mobile phone, smartphone or tablet). The system allows you to store WM Keeper keys in its database, thus ensuring the secure use of your electronic purses and WebMoney services virtually from any computer.

E-num is a user-friendly system. The authorization procedure is based on either Challenge /Response model:

  • the user enters their email on the secure access site page (in the software), after which a check digit is displayed to the user;
  • the user runs the E-num client , WM Keeper for Android or WM Keeper for iOS on their mobile phone and enters the check digit. After that the response value is shown at the phone screen;
  • the user enters the response value in the authorization field on the site (in the software) and gets access to secure sections.

The E-num service gives to participants the following opportunities

Registration in the system, account setting, restore access
Use an additional secure way to log into WM Keeper;
To confirm authorization at WebMoney services when performing important operations
To confirm transactions, payment for services and to conduct other operations in WM Keeper

Registration, setting and recovery access

For registration in E-num you should have email, phone number and at least one of the devices:

  • smartphone or tablet on Android OS;
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on Apple iOS.

E-mail address, specified during the registration in WebMoney Transfer System you can use in the E-num service.

You can register in the e-num service by the three ways:

  • yourself on the service's website - https://e-num.com;
  • automatically when you performing confirmation of payment or authorization at the system's websites ;
  • from the E-num client (Android or iOS).

The step-by-step instruction for registration in the E-num system is provided in the general article Registration in the E-num service.

The realization of opportunities of the E-num system is performed using of the mobile client. Description of procedures for installing and configuring E-num clients for different platforms, see in article E-num client.

Instructions for configuration of an E-num account, see in article Configuration of an E-num account.

If you lost access to the E-num account, follow the recovery instructions.

Login to WM Keeper via E-num

E-num authorization can be used as an additional secure method of log in to WM Keeper WinPro. In this case the access keys for a WMID are placed to the specialized storage of the service - E-num Storage - whereby, the necessity to keep it on a local PC disappears.

The step-by-step instruction for enable this function is provided in the article:E-num authorization for WM Keeper

Authorization at WebMoney services

Authorization at WebMoney web-sites via E-num is an additional step of authentication when you are performing the most important operations in the system:

  • update a personal data;
  • security settings;
  • transfer funds on trust at WebMoney System services;
  • paying for goods and services via the Merchant service;
  • placement of the request and issuing of funds at the credit exchange;
  • opening trust limits;
  • and some other operations.

The step-by-step instruction how to enable this function is provided in the article:Authorization on sites using the E-num service

Confirmation of operations via E-num

To make your payments from WM Keeper safe and secured, you can use E-num confirmation of transactions.

The following operations require confirmation at the moment:

When you enable confirmation via E-num for carrying out all such operations will require an additional confirmation using E-num client.

The step-by-step instruction how to enable and use this function is provided in the article:Confirmation of operations using the E-num service

It should also be noted that in WebMoney System there is a way of confirming operations via SMS messages which isn't demanding registration in E-num service.

System site https://e-num.com

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