Confirmation of operations using the E-num service

To improve the protection of their electronic purses WM Keeper WinPro, WM Keeper WebPro and WM Keeper Standard users can enable the confirmation of operations option using the E-num service.

When using this service control numbers used for confirmation of operations are generated on the user's equipment (smartphone or tablet).

When the operation confirmation mode is enabled the system automatically imposes certain limitations on the user's ability to work with verification service site. Editing and viewing of personal information, viewing of uploaded documents and other operations are only allowed for such users after they log in using the E-num service.

The operation confirmation mode can be enabled on a special page security service. The confirmation mode can also be enabled automatically by the system's security bot.

There are four ways of confirming operations using the E-num service:

  • Mobile client, "Authorization" mode;
  • Mobile client, "Payment" mode.

To do this , you can use:

To confirm an operation (funds transfer, access to protected areas of websites, etc) in the "Authorization" mode the user first receives a challenge number, starts a mobile E-num client on their mobile phone, enters this challenge number and sees a generated response number. To complete the operation the user must enter the response number in the WM Keeper window.

The "Payment" mode is only used for confirming transactions. It is almost identical to the "Authorization" mode and the only difference is that you need to specify the transfer amount and the number of the recipient's purse to get a response number in the E-num client. Using this mode in WM Keeper WinPro and WM Keeper WebPro has some peculiarities:

To confirm operations using the E-num service, complete the following two steps.

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