Confirming transactions via SMS

Users of WM Keeper WinPro, WM Keeper WebPro and WM Keeper Standard can enable confirmation of transactions and operations via SMS.

This option doesn’t require registration with E-num.

Confirmation code is sent via:

  • SMS to your mobile phone provided in your registration data (in your WebMoney passport);
  • voice call - "CALL-PASSWORD";
  • PUSH method when using the Keeper Mobile app to manage WMID;
  • Telegram messenger.

To enable this option please go to a specially designed webpage of the security service.

The number of short messages that can be used to confirm operations not related to transfer of funds (e.g. adding new contacts, key changing, etc.) is limited

When transactions (transfer of funds, payments via, etc) are confirmed, the WebMoney fee is increased to:

  • 0.05 WMZ,
  • 9.00 WMK,
  • 0.05 WME,
  • 0,01 WMX,
  • 0.01 WMG,
  • 0,10 WMH,
  • 0,50 WML,
  • 0,02 WMF ,
  • 0,05 WMT.

Thus, if you wish to send 1 WMZ, you will be charged 0.01 WMZ (0,8%) + 0,05 WMZ (SMS fee) = 0.06 WMZ.
If you send 100 WMZ you will be charged 0.8 WMZ (0.8%) + 0.05 WMZ (SMS fee) = 0.85 WMZ.

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