Restoring WM Keeper WinPro login password

In case you get the key file read error or you get the Operation could not be completed:Login to WebMoney system notification or you have difficulties in specifying login password or you simply forgot it, you can recover it by going through the procedure for restoring control .

Before making the request for restoring your password, try to initialize WM Keeper WinPro and making sure you have the correct key file. Maybe you enter the correct password, but your service file are damaged and that is being the root of the error. Try to enter all possible login passwords, that you could have specified, and make sure you have the correct keyboard layout. Try to enter the password in other language, maybe you have specified the password using another keyboard layout. Keep in mind that the password is case sensitive, so bear in mind the difference between upper case and lower case characters. Do not confuse the login password with the registration code, activation code and key access code - all these are different data.

If you haven't managed to recover the login password on your own, you can recover it by going through procedure for restoring control.

Briefly, your actions are as follows:

1. Go to the website.
2. Follow the instructions.

Please note that participants of the system who used WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) or WM Keeper WebPro (Light) will change the main operation mode to WM Keeper Standard.

You can re-enable WM Keeper WinPro on the Security service, in the Operation modes section

It is impossible to recover password for accessing WM Keeper WebPro (Light). In the latter case, just login to your WM Keeper WebPro account via E-num (depending on your registration or login you use) and set up new password in security settings. You do not need to confirm your old password in that case.