Activation Code

The activation code is required each time after a PC, operating system, or any of their parts (such as drivers, system applications, etc.) are changed. You have to enter the activation code that you receive only once; if a activation code input window has appeared, it means a new activation code has been generated and sent by our server to you by e-mail or to your telephone as an SMS message.

You can also follow the recommendations below and try solving this problem yourself by accessing your e-mail inbox:

Ensure that it has been at least 15 minutes after you have requested the code (the e-mail with the code is sent by our server immediately upon request, but e-mail delivery can take some time). Check for the e-mail in your “Suspected Spam” and “Spam” folders, since your e-mail server could consider the activation code to be spam and move it to one of these folders. Open your e-mail settings and add e-mail to the White list or Trusted list of permitted and trusted e-mail addresses.
Quit the software and launch it again, and the activation code will be sent to you again automatically.

If you still haven’t received the activation code e-mail, cancel entering the activation code, and then click Tools – Personal information, and in the “Passport” tab, make sure that you have entered your e-mail address there correctly. If you have lost e-mail access, see No e-mail access for receiving the activation code.

We also highly recommend contacting your mail provider to find out why you haven’t received the e-mail sent to you (from ), and what you have to do to automatically receive the activation code quickly next time.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with obtaining the activation code, create a request to WebMoney technical support on this page, from the registration email. In the request, be sure to specify your WMID. It is impossible to get an activation code on any other e-mail. If you have lost access, see the article No e-mail access for receiving the activation code.

You can set up your security system to allow sending the activation code to your mobile phone as an SMS or voice message at (Security Service) by enabling the "Send WebMoney Keeper activation code to telephone" option.