Key file

What is a key file?

The key file is a special file for the program WM Keeper WinPro, which contains data for the authentication of information for authentication of users to access WMID when one of the options for logging in to the Keeper - method is This computer. Has in its expansion kwm (the characters after the file name and point) and strictly fixed size 164 bytes

In earlier versions of WM Keeper WinPro during the registration key file created mandatory. Now this is only one of the options, and the main way to log into WMID is E-num Storage.

The current Keeper WinPro version normally runs without requesting the key file, so entering WMID and password is enough to start working. However if you:

  • reinstall Windows;
  • modify computer’s technical parameters;
  • log in from another computer

The software requests also the key file and the key file access code in addition to the WMID and the password.

Looking for similarities, one can compare the key file (together with the access code) to the regular passport. You don’t have to demonstrate it all the time, but you must have it at hand and be ready that you can need it any moment.

On the other hand, ensure that no unauthorized persons can take possession of your key file and access code. Store the files at secure removable media (e.g., at a CD or a Flash memory card). It is expedient to create multiple copies at different media.

Be sure to carefully store this file access code. Using the key file without it doesn’t make sense. The access code is set locally and is not displayed in WebMoney Transfer logs, which means no one will be able to help you restore it.

How to get the key file?

1 Run WebMoney Keeper and choose "Tools/Settings..." menu item.

2 In the window that appears, choose "Security" tab and click "Save keys to file".

3 Choose the removable disk location to save the key file to. Store the key file carefully!

4 Enter the password (access code) to the key file and click OK. Save the password in the secure location; it will be used to decrypt the key file.