WM Keeper Standard

What is it?

It is another WebMoney Keeper, not as powerful as WinPro or WebPro but very user-friendly and easy to use in most cases.
It is deployed as a light site supporting the main WebMoney Transfer account management functions.

Who is it designed for?

It is for those:
  • who are getting to know WebMoney for the first time;
  • who already have a WebMoney account and who want to be able to manage it without using WebMoney Keeper WinPro or WebPro;
  • who want to enhance their mobility (only a username and password are required to log into WebMoney Keeper Standard);
  • who want to use WebMoney simply and conveniently.

What does it allow you to do?

  • to log into an account using a username and password;
  • to work with mobile devices with greater convenience;
  • to see purse balances;
  • to add purse funds with a WM card (Paymer check);
  • to transfer WM;
  • to issue and pay invoices;
  • to get and issue loans;
  • creating donation links
  • to see recent transactions;
  • to enhance convenience when paying for services (mobile communications, Internet, etc.);
  • to enhance convenience when buying digital products on stores that use digiseller.ru;
  • to transfer WM to bank card;
  • to exchange WM for WM;
  • to secure messaging;
  • to confirm transactions via webmoney keeper app.

How secure is it?

WM Keeper Standard will help you securely manage only the purses you enable in this software.

Note: You can set a (daily, weekly, or monthly) limit for the trusted purse, i.e., the maximum sum you can transfer from it during a specified time interval.

How it looks ?

The home screen of WM Keeper Standard has the following appearance:

Home screen style - Widgets (Customize the main screen of the app by adding the widgets you need: "Recent action", "Recent transactions", "INDX", "Exchange WM⇄WM", "System News", "Useful information", "Tasks", "Time tracking", "Cashback promotions" and "My receipts").

  • The data refresh buttons and the additional menu are located on the panel on the right (circled in red).
  • If there is no incoming invoice, the balance is not updated, press the update button; to set up notifications, call the additional menu;
  • For detailed instructions on how to use the application, see the article: Features of the WebMoney Keeper Standard

Service website:


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