Access code

Your access code is a special key file password. The access code can be said to be similar to the password for a .zip archive.

Be sure to store this file access code carefully (write it down in a secure place).

The access code is set when you save the key file.
Please note that you are the person that sets the access code – it is not sent to us. This means that if you forget the password, it cannot be recovered.

If you can’t remember your access code, the key file becomes useless. You may save your key file again, setting a new access code for it in the process. If you do not have access to your WMID, you will have to restore the key file: Restoring access. At the end of the procedure, you will be sent a new generated key file with the access code that we set and disclose to you.

Do not confuse your access code with your activation code, which is set for you by the system and is sent either to the contact e-mail address for your WMID or to your contact telephone number in an SMS message.