E-num client for Apple iOS

To use the E-num application for the Apple iOs you should have:

E-num for the Apple iOs application provides the following capabilities:

1. Downloading E-num client

E-num client is installed from App Store from a mobile device .

The application can be found in App Store by searching for the word "E-num" or "WebMoney". Click "Download".

The application will be downloaded and installed without assistance. The link will be placed in the programs list and can be also placed on the desktop.

2. First launch and configuring E-num client

Launch the application on your mobile device. In the launch window enter your email and the activation code. Then click on the "OK" button. The next step, the application offers to set the way to confirm the access PIN code or pattern lock. Highly recommend to do it immediately. To set it click Yes and the following forms to enter a four-digit number. The last step is to determine in which cases the code will be required.

E-num client is ready for use.

To set the parameters of the program choose the "Settings" section, click by icon This section consists of six pages.

"Unlink Account" - Deactivation removes the data entered on E-num account (e-mail and code) from the application.

On the "security settings" page available options: On the page "Security Settings" available options: change or remove a set pin code (pattern lock), enable/disable automatic deactivation of the application after several (3, 5 or 10) unsuccessful attempts to enter pin-code (pattern lock), and changing situations which requested the pin code (pattern lock).
If the pin code (pattern lock) is not set or is disabled, then when entering the "Security Settings" the form opens automatically for its set, similar to the display when you first launch the app.

On the "notifications and sounds" page you can choose the ways the application responds to some actions.

On the "user interface" page you can set the following parameters of the program:

  • enable/disable the QR-code scanner launching option when the application starts;
  • enable/disable the option of automatic closing of the windows with a response value;
  • select the style of numeric keypad: normal or reverse layout of buttons;
  • select the option to display the response format: a single number or grouping of numbers

On the "Apple Watch" page you can produce a connection with the Apple Watch.

For connection with the Apple Watch ,launch the E-NUM app on the Apple Watch and open the Apple Watch menu in settings app on the smartphone. Enter the numeric code (or scan the QR-code) that appeared on the screen of the Apple Watch. Now when authorizing or making purchases, the response value will be displayed on the screen of the Apple Watch and will hasten the payment.

On the "About Enum" page you can find out the version of the installed E-num application.

3. Re-installing E-num client

If you have to re-install the application and you can remember the activation code use the instruction above - First launch ans configuring E-num client. If you have forgotten the activation code perform the following actions to recover it.
On the first launch of the installed application specify your e-mail in the start window and click on the "Forgot the activation code?" button.

After that agree with sending of the code restoration instruction to your e-mail by clicking "Yes". Click "OK" in the window informing that the instruction was sent.

After performing these actions, as shown on the screenshots, you will receive a link to the email registered in your E-num account:

Then you will receive a notification that the SMS containing the activation code has been successfully sent to your mobile phone number:

In case the activation code to your application had fallen into the wrong hands, we strongly recommend that you change it by passing the E-num service access recovery procedure.

4. Confirmation with push notifications

Confirmation using push notifications is used when:

When you receive the Challenge question a push notification will be sent to your smartphone to confirm this action. Then a dialog with the response-value is opened.

5. Authorization using E-num client

Authorization mode "Confirm action" is used for:

To authorize you should get a challenge-value from the site (or the program) you are about to authorize at (e.g.), and then choose the "Confirm action" section in the main window of E-num client and specify the response-value.
The response-value generated by the program should be entered on the authorization site.

6. Confirming a payment using E-num client

Payment confirmation mode "Confirm payment" is used for:

To confirm a payment using E-num client you should choose the "Confirm payment" section in the main window of the program and specify the following in sequence:

  • recipient's purse number without its alphabetic prefix;
  • payment amount, confirming it by pressing the «OK» button;

  • the challenge-value.

And then enter the response-value generated by the program on the payment confirmation page.

7. Using QR-code scanner

"QR-code" mode allows you to scan a two-dimensional code in which authorization parameters (challenge-value etc.) or payment parameters are encrypted automatically and generate a response-value for the appropriate action (e.g.).

8. Using Apple Watch

  • for additional confirmation confirmation on WebMoney services (or Login to WM Keeper WinPro)

  • for confirming transaction

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