WM Keeper WebPro registration

WM Keeper WebPro can be registered only by users who already have a WMID (account) in the WebMoney system.

Users of WM Keeper Standard can set WM Keeper WebPro as the main tool for managing their purses (see the following instruction). The numbers of purses and the user's WMID will remain the same.

To create new purses that can be managed through WM Keeper WebPro (along with the creation of a new WMID and its association with your WM Passport), you need to complete the re-registration procedure.

Further registration actions will depend on the type of browser and selected type of WM Keeper WebPro access. Detailed descriptions can be found below.

1 Registration with a personal certificate:

2 Registering and using WM Keeper WebPro in other browsers:

3 Registration without a personal certificate:

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