The identifier of user (WMID) is a unique 12-Digit number, which is the address of a member within the WebMoney system. For example, WMID 464889785562 is the identifier of the WebMoney Passport Service.

The WMID is not confidential information and you can tell it to your contractor upon request (it may be necessary to check your passport, BL or absence of complaints). Such a check can be performed on the Passport Service website.

Despite this you should not specify your WMID as a record for receiving payments. Funds can be transferred only to WM-purses which are bound to your WMID and consist of a letter at the beginning followed by 12-digit sequence, which will not be similar to your WMID number (for example the WMID 246135763425 may contain the purse Z984217345623).

The WMID is also used for sending and receiving WebMoney-invoices, using the Debt service, as well as being used as the address for sending messages via WM-mail.

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