How to use Telegram to get confirmation codes

If you want to get confirmation codes to your Telegram accound you should make some simple actions:

1 Add Webmoneybot chat to your chat list in Telegram

You can find the bot in Telegram - @webmoneybot (WebMoneyInfo) or follow the link

Send him a message and he will start a conversation with you. You can also ask him to know some information about WebMoney System.

2 Send him a command "/sms" to check the status and allow the bot to get access to your phone number .

3To enable Receiving messages to Telegram instead of SMS you should send a special command “/sms on”.

And you will get a message : Receiving messages to Telegram instead of SMS was enabled.

4 To disable it, please send a message “/sms off” and confirmation by telegram will be disabled.

Anytime you can check the status by sending a command “/sms”

You will get an answer about your current status. For example:
You are receiving SMS messages sent to phone number +7XXXXXXXXX to Telegram.
If you don`t want to receive message to Telegram instead of SMS, send “/sms off” command.

5 If you have already added @webmoneybot (WebMoneyInfo) to your chat list please use commands:

  • “/sms” - to check the status
  • “/sms on” - to enable SMS confirmation in Telegram
  • “/sms off” - to disable SMS confirmation in Telegram