About the Merchant WebMoney Service

The main purpose of the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service is to provide technical support in adjusting sellers` purses to automatically receive payments as well as to support buyers` payments for goods and services. The following service features are available to system users after they have authorised to use the service.

Purse settings

The Settings section contains all of the tools which will be required to set the purse parameters for automatically receiving payments on the website. These tools will allow you to:

  • set up and test the purse main parameters;
  • add additional payment methods (bank cards, online banking, etc.);
  • set the filter for permitted/banned countries;
  • promptly receive the payment acceptance form code;
  • set up the selected parameters for working with XML-interfaces. 

List of purses

The List of purses tab displays all purses which belong to the user. In this tab, the user can adjust the main and additional payment acceptance settings.

Configuring the purse settings includes not only setting up technical parameters to ensure payment acceptance, but also an option to configure additional payment methods. In addition to accepting WebMoney digital units sellers can also add the following payment methods:

  • For WMZ and WMX purses only:
    • Payment acceptance through Bitcoin.

The listed payment methods are available within set limits even for owners of a formal passport with verified identification documents.

To accept payments via bank cards denominated in Rubles, online banking systems or mobile commerce, the purse settings have to be modified. An application to modify the settings is generated automatically upon adding the selected payment method. In addition, on the purse settings page you can create a list of permitted/banned countries for accepting payments on your website depending on your preferences.

Payment Form Quick Setup

The payment form quick setup for websites is available in the Wizard tab. By using the Wizard, you can quickly adjust purse settings to accept payments and receive the payment form codes as well as the payment button, which will allow buyers to pay for goods and services on your website.

Signature verification

In the current tab, after setting up payment parameters, the seller can verify the control signature, which is created by the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service using the algorithms SHA256, SIGN и MD5.

Payment notifications

The payment notifications option is designated for buyers. In this tab you can enable or disable the payment notification function for your own payments for goods and services made to others sellers. By enabling this function, for every payment you make from your purse using the Merchant WebMoney service you will receive a payment receipt to your registered email address.

Payments support

The tools to work with buyer payments are available to the seller in the Accepted payments tab. Here you can:

  • receive statements on payments made to your purses;
  • check payments by single transactions;
  • check payment attempts history for the last 24-hours;
  • receive payment statistics by payment method;
  • create payment tickets and track active payment tickets;
  • receive a statement on withdrawal transactions from the trading purse.

Purse transaction list

In the List of payments you can:
  • receive an incoming transactions statement for the last 6 months;
  • find the required payment and view the payment details by clicking on it;
  • return a payment to the sender if required.

This section is intended for tracking current transactions. You can view only selected transactions limited by number and time. You can receive full transaction statements via the Transaction statements service.

The service features listed above are also available via the XML-interfaces X3, X18, X14

Payments check

In this section the seller can verify by the system payment reference parameters of the transactions made via Merchant WebMoney Transfer Service.

Payment attempts list

The list of the successful/failed attempts to pay for the seller`s goods or services via the Merchant WebMoney service for the last 24 hours is available for viewing in the Payment attempts list tab, which includes:

  • request details;
  • transaction type;
  • refund options.


On the current page you can view the payment history of each of your purses for the last few months. The transaction history will be categorised by the month and payment method, and include details of all successful payments made via the Merchant WebMoney Transfer service. 

Payment tickets

In the Pay-tickets subsection you can manually create and track payment tickets. After you have entered the payment amount and a comment to your payment, you will receive a link, which can be sent to the buyer using any convenient communication method. By using the link, the buyer can be immediately redirected to the payment form bypassing filling in any additional forms on the website.

This function is also available via XML-interface X22.

Withdrawal of funds

A list of withdrawal transactions made by the seller to their bank cards or accounts.

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