Report service

The WebMoney Report transaction statement service ( allows a user to receive transaction statements for a user’s purses for a specified period.

The service allows you to request several types of transaction statements:
  • Regular statements are generated automatically each day, week or month depending on the conditions specified.
  • One-time statements are generated only once at the request of the user (the following types are available: balance and transactions or simply balance).
  • Instant statements are received by the user immediately. Only transactions in the last three months will be included.

All statements contain a listing of incoming and outgoing transactions for the given purse, as well as the beginning and ending balance for the given period of time.

Once requested, regular and one-time statements can be delivered to the user:
  • by Internet over email and to the WebMoney Files service in НTML, PDF or CSV format;
  • by postal mail in paper form, signed and with a seal (for a fee).

Regular and one-time statements are kept in the service’s protected area (not more than 40 statements for each request), and they may be viewed and printed at any time.

The services website is:

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