Accepting funds

To manually accept payments on your website, you only need to publish your WM purse information. After posting your purse details your account may receive payments at anytime.

There are several methods for the automatic acceptance of payments:
  1. Web Merchant Interface (website)
  2. Issuing a WM invoice with subsequent payment verification. This is implemented with the help of the X1 and X3 XML interfaces.
  3. Accepting funds from the customer with SMS confirmation directly on the seller's website (implemented using the X20 XML interface).

The first method listed here is the most universal and recommended. This method allows incoming payments from both WM Keeper WinPro, WM Keeper WebPro and WM Keeper Standard users. Additionally, this method permits customers to pay for goods & services directly using a WM card or Paymer check (instructions) without having to register with WebMoney Transfer. Using the Web Merchant Interface also allows for incoming payments from the payment terminals.

To be able to receive payments via Web Merchant Interface you have to receive a Merchant passport. However, users who have a Formal passport can also receive funds via Web Merchant Interface but only in limited mode.

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