Accepting payments in USDT

The features of accepting payments in USDT.

After enabling this option in the Merchant WebMoney service a merchant can accept payments the units of USDT cryptocurrency from the buyers who cannot be the members of WebMoney Transfer

For the merchant accepting such payments looks the same as accepting payments from the members that already have a WebMoney purse.

With this, there are the following peculiarities:

  • The minimum amount of a payment in USDT is 0,01;
  • Merchants' purses are funded after receiving of a minimum of six confirmations of a transaction in the relay network database;
  • Merchants can accept payment to WMT-, WMZ-purses;
  • USDT taken as payment for goods and services are kept in the WMT title units format that are further transferred either to the merchants' T-purse or to the T-purse a of the automatic exchage service. In the second case, the funds after being exchanged at the current exchange rate are transferred to the WMZ-purse that is adjusted to accept USDT;

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