Personal passport

A personal passport is the main WebMoney Transfer passport. A personal passport is issued to a WebMoney Transfer member who received a formal or initial passport after their personal (passport) data have been verified by one of the Registrars that are participants in the Verification Centre Partner Program. It is impossible to get a personal passport for a second time with the same passport. Both the passport cost (varying from minimum cost of 5 WMZ up to the average cost of 10 – 100 WMZ) and passport issuance conditions depend on the chosen Registrar.

A personal passport holder can use the following opportunities provided by the system:

  • to automate funds acceptance from customers using Merchant WebMoney Transfer service interfaces;
  • to participate in Credit Exchange operations;
  • to participate in Capitaller service operations (to create budget automation tools);
  • to apply for Internet resources registration in any Megastock directory sections;
  • to obtain system consultant status;
  • to participate in the Verification Centre Partner Program by issuing initial passports;
  • to publish news on different system websites ("":URL, "":URL etc.);
  • to restore WMID control using a simplified control model;
  • to get PaySpark debit bank card and to use it to withdraw funds from the system;
  • to create trading sites using the DigiSeller service;
  • to submit complaints against other system members in the System Arbitration without restrictions;

You can connect four additional WMID to the personal passport.

When attaching the 3rd, 4th or 5th additional WM-identifier, the condition becomes mandatory that any of the previously attached WMID`s should have BL level not lower than 20.

See also Personal passport issuance procedure

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