Capitaller is a specialized WM Keeper version supporting shared access to funds management and purses according to different user-defined algorithms allowing to automate transactions.

Capitaller service belongs to "budget planning and automation" group of services.

Full-featured Capitaller service access is provided for personal passport holders.

Capitaller service enables the following capabilities:

  • creating Budget automation tool (BA);
  • setting up process-oriented and enterprise-level budgeting automation tools;
  • defining and keeping track of incoming and outgoing payments;
  • setting up purses to maintain budget items and implement different funds distribution rules including distribution of funds after a certain amount has been accumulated at the purse; pro rata distribution; distribution by dates or certain time intervals; etc.;
  • appointing persons in charge of maintaining the budget items; controlling purses of the persons in charge; transferring the purses’ management credentials.

Only one budget automation tool may be registered per one WM passport. Similarly, one passport cannot be used to manage multiple budget automation tools.

If the initiator has any existing open credits (WMC purse is not empty), registration of the budget automation tool is prohibited.

Capitaller service is integrated with Shareholder service enabling management of shares of budget automation tools created at Capitaller service.

Capitaller service site –

Capitaller service description
Shareholder service description