Multiple WMIDs per a passport

If you want, you may get registered and use multiple WMIDs.

If you want all these WMIDs to be verified, you should receive the personal passport for one of your WMIDs, and connect other WMIDs to the main one. You can do it at the Verification Center site in your control panel ("Connect an additional WMID to your passport"). All connected WMIDs also become verified; that is, you don’t need to get a passport per each WMID.


The number of additional WMIDs that can be connected to the passport depends on its type:

When attaching the 3rd, 4th or 5th additional WM-identifier, the condition becomes mandatory that any of the previously attached WMID`s should have BL level not lower than 20.

How to register an additional WMID

To register a new WMID to a new phone number, use the WebMoney Keeper application on your mobile phone.

If you want to register a new WMID to the same phone number that you have already used, then open the website. After registration, a new WMID will be automatically attached to your passport.