Each user in the System has their unique Business Level (BL). The BL is a public summary which characterises the level of the WMID Holder Business Activities in the System and is calculated basing on:

  • Duration of active use;
  • Number of correspondents the user had transacted with;
  • Volume of completed transactions;
  • Number of filed claims and positive feedback about the user.

Please take into account that the BL is not a static value. It can change in both directions – either growing or decreasing. The BLdoes not account for any variables. If you repeatedly transfer the same sum to the same correspondents your BL will not increase and if you do not make any transactions for a long period it will decrease.

You can see your BL value in the WM Keeper window when working with a counteragent and also on System services pages such as the, Verification Center.
The BL of the blocked accounts is nulified.

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