E-num authorization using a QR code

Using a QR-code in the E-num service

Client applications for E-num (including the built-in webmoney keeper app) support a quick method of entering input values using a QR-code.

If you need to log in to a site or confirm an operation using the E-num service you will see an image with a 2D QR-code containing the following encrypted information:

  • a challenge,
  • payment parameters - the number of the recipient's purse and the payment amount (only in case of transaction confirmation).

For instance when confirming a payment made through the Merchant service you will see an image that will look like the one below.

After that start the E-num client on your mobile phone and choose the "QR-code" option in the main menu.

Point the camera viewfinder over the barcode and take a picture by pressing "ОK".

The E-num client will automatically recognize the QR code and show a response.

If the QR-code image is not recognized (due to a low resolution of the shot, the wrong shooting angle, etc) you can get a response in the regular manner using the "Confirmation" or "Payment" options in the E-num client.

When you authorize or confirm an operation using a QR-code the system will provide a uri (unified resource identifier) in the following format:

  • For logging in to a site:
full link short link
enum:login?challenge={challenge} enum:l?c={challenge}

  • For payment confirmation:
full link short link
enum:payment?challenge={challenge}&purse={purse number}&amount={transaction amount} enum:p?c={challenge}&p={purse number}&a={transaction amount}

URI parameters:

Parameter Content
challenge numbers only
purse a purse number with or without a leading letter
transaction amount numbers and a decimal separator {./,}

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