E-NUM is an up-to-date authorization system that provides enhanced information security through cryptography. A secret data-access key is stored on the user’s mobile phone (smartphone or tablet), as opposed to the computer, allowing for use on multiple platforms and minimizing the risk of the key being corrupted or stolen by trojans or other malware.


In WebMoney Transfer System the E-num authentication service can be used to log into WM Keeper WinPro, and for additional authentication when you are performing the most important operations in the system: update a personal data and security settings, confirmation of transactions, adding correspondents and other functions.

Read more in the article E-num Usage .

Owners of the websites can connect the E-NUM system of authorization.


The key advantage of E-NUM versus its competitors is its cost efficiency for both product and service vendors and users.
It is not necessary to deploy an additional authorization server in order to use the E-NUM authorization system on a store site, online service, bank or corporate systems, as all the required information is stored in the E-NUM database. Data exchange is implemented via a secure https connection based on interfaces supported by the E-NUM system. For authorization on systems connected to E-num, service customers may use their mobile phones.

Participants don`t need special expensive equipment. The unique set of codes of access is in coded form sewn up in a mobile application of the client.

System site: https://e-num.com

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