Opening Account for a Company

WebMoney Transfer offers various ways for business account users to work with us either as companies or as individual entrepreneurs. The integration of any of the options we offer is free of charge; technical implementation of the service is supported by the WebMoney integration team. In any event the mandatory requirement for opening an account is an active website that clearly shows the goods/work/services that the Merchant company provides.

Option 1 (Processing)

The processing service is the simplest. It is designed for those companies and service providers who mainly receive incoming payments for their goods/services. All receipts of WME/WMZ are handled by the agent (that is by WebMoney Transfer). The Merchant receives real time information about payments received. The funds received for a given payment period are sent to the Merchant by bank transfer after the deduction of the agent’s commission. Transaction statements for the reporting period are sent to the Merchant in electronic or physical form.

As a company that chooses the processing service you do not have to keep track of WMZ or WME received from customers neither do you have to apply for a WebMoney passport or register for the Megastock catalogue - we will take care of all of this for you! The agent’s commission is agreed when the contract is negotiated and can vary between 2% and 2.5%, depending on the revenue of the Merchant company. The processing service takes very little time to set up and register and requires no special knowledge. If you already use WebMoney Settlements you can load funds into your purse from the WebMoney Processing service purse.

To find out more about the service please click here.

Option 2 (Settlements)

WebMoney Settlements – this service provides online businesses (Merchants and Dealers/agents) with the ideal solution for dealing with clients who are also members of the WebMoney Transfer system. The service is based on an agency model in which you entrust us to send payments to your clients on your behalf. Using this service means that you will not have to register or top-up WebMoney wallets. You will be provided with a special service account from which you can authorize payments to be sent to your clients. Deposits into this account can be made by normal wire transfer with a fixed commission of 1%. If you already use the WebMoney Processing service you can use your funds to top-up WebMoney Settlements service purses.

To find out more about the service please click here.

Option 3 (Transact Automation Tool)

Registration of the Transact Automation Tool for companies non-residents of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belorussia can be made ONLY after it is approved by a Guarantor for WMZ-certificates or WME-checks. If registered without confirmation you may be not allowed to use this service. Please send an e-mail to before registration.

Transact Automation Tool is a solution for receiving incoming payments and for transferring & paying out WebMoney funds to other users. This method is intended for companies that are ready to solve the integration issues of their software and WebMoney services using XML-interfaces independently.
Three steps to registering Transact Automation Tool:

  1. Appointing an authorized representative (the administrator of the Transact Automation Tool) and his registration in the WebMoney Transfer system (register a personal WMID).
  2. Registering a WMID for the Transact Automation Tool (WebMoney Keeper WinPro or WebMoney Keeper WebPro).
  3. Submitting documents, concluding agreement with Guarantor.

To find out more about the Transact Automation Tool registration please click here.

Option 4 (Capitaller)

This option is designed for businesses that not only receive incoming payments but also transfer/pay out WebMoney to other users (as salaries for example). This service is intended for companies that need to have ability for shared management of company’s funds in WebMoney Transfer System and automated distribution of incoming funds. Implementation of this service, unlike the processing service is a little more complex.

On, you can create a Budget Automation Tool that allows you to run your account collectively and gives you the ability to transfer account ownership/management rights.

To use this method you must have a personal passport for an individual representing the company. If this condition is satisfied, the company can create a Budget Automation Tool on Capitaller and be registered on WebMoney as a legal entity (you can read more about Budget Automation Tool here).

To find out more about the Budget Automation Tool registration please click here.