BA registration for companies

The Capitaller service provides convenient interfaces for companies that want to use a BA, including those for budgeting, control delegation in case a manager is fired, "countersigning" for money transfers and a lot more.

Prior to following the instruction below, companies that are not residents of Russia need to send an initial registration request by email to with a description of the company and information about its products, services and sites. Companies that are residents of Russia can proceed directly to paragraph 1 of the instruction.

Corporate BA registration consists of four steps:

1 Assigning an authorized employee

The company needs to authorize its employee to register in the WebMoney Transfer system and get a personal passport.

2 Registering a BA
An authorized employee registers a Capitaller budget automation tool considering the recommendations below:

  1. For residents of Russia, the management fund should consist of 2 shares worth 1 WMR each. For non-residents of Russia, the fund should consist of 2 shares worth 1 WMZ each;
  2. 1 share is automatically offered to the initiator, the other one can be transferred to another person, such as an accountant, or transferred to the initiator's own account on the site;
  3. The method of funds distribution - 100% to the management fund. Transfer of the second share of the management fund to an accountant will allow you to perform transfers with "countersigning", since all transfers from the management fund purses are initiated by voting.

Prior to proceeding to the next step, the initiator needs to complete the creation of the management fund of the budget automation tool by buying out shares.

3 Provision of documents for registering a corporate BA
An authorized employee collects the necessary set of documents as per the list and uploads digital photo copies (scans) of these documents to the Capitaller service site. (see example)
The originals of these documents are provided to the Verification Center personally or by email (notarized copies are required). Legal and actual addresses of the Verification Center, as well as its working hours are available on the site

4 Signing an agreement with a representative of the WebMoney Transfer system
An authorized employee of a company (resident of Russia) submits a request to sign a corresponding agreement on the site. Non-resident companies send the request by email at

Loading WMZ/WME funds to your Budget automation tool’s purse
To load WMZ/WME to your Budget automation tool’s purse make a transfer from your company’s bank account specified in the agreement to our company’s bank account. You will receive banking details of our company after we get and check agreements signed from your side.
Please write “YOUR COMPANY’S WMID/Z or E purse and Date of the agreement” as a comment to the transaction. After we receive the payment, we will transfer your funds to your Budget automation tool.

Withdrawal of WMZ/WME from the Budget automation tool to your company’s bank account.
To withdraw your funds use WM Keeper. Make a transaction from your Budget automation tool’s Z/E-purse to the Z/E-purse of the company according to the agreement.
Please write: “per agreement #YOUR COMPANY’S WMID and the Date of the agreement. Name of your company and bank account number of your company” as a comment to the transaction. After we receive the payment, we will transfer your funds to your company’s bank account.

Specific aspects of control transfer for corporate BA's

Transfer of control over a BA as the result of separation of responsible persons is performed by transferring shares to new managers.
In case no shares have been transferred, the new representative of the owner company should involve the arbitration service and file a Questioning rights to WMID ownership suit attaching corresponding documents about the separation and appointment of a new representative. The defendant in this case is the WMID of the budget automation tool of a company and the plaintiff is the new representative seeking control over the BA. Based on this suit, judges makes a decision regarding the transfer of shares to the new manager.
If necessary, the number of managament fund shares and the revenue distribution scheme can be changed at any moment by voting.

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