Making payments from BA management fund purses

According to the rules of funds transfer in the Budget Automation tool (BA), transfers are made from management fund (MF) purses based on a collective decision by BA shareholders made by voting. If shareholders owning at least half of the BA shares participate in the vote and at least 50% of the voices are "FOR," then the payment from the specified purse is carried out. Otherwise, it is declined.

Using the LLC LablePrint BA example, let's make a payment from the management fund Z-purse (recalling that it still has funds in the amount of 100 WMZ after the MF creation) to the BA expenses Z-purse.

1. Setting a vote on making a payment

To set a vote on making a payment from the management fund (MF) purse, go to the Shares--Votes tab. This type of vote can be set by any company employee from the list of BA personnel with full access rights to the 'Shares' category .

In the form for creating a new vote, let's select the type "Make a payment".

Then, in the "available purses" menu, we find the management fund Z-purse, press "Select", and in the "to purse" field we specify the expenses purse of our BA ( if you are entering its number using copy/paste, make sure there are no extra spaces !), then specify the amount and if necessary, fill out the "Function" field. To finish the operation, press "Save".

A new record will appear in the votes table. Before the start of the vote (in "pending" mode), the parameters of the vote can be changed and deleted (see the "management" column).

2. Holding a vote on making a payment

After a vote has been set, information about it becomes available on the Shareholder service to all BA shareholders (in the Votes--history section).

To participate in a vote, wait for it to start (to be in "not finished yet" mode), select it,

and press "FOR".

If part of the Budget Automation tool shares belong to his WMID, then any employee can participate in the vote on behalf of the BA provided he is one of the personnel with full access rights to the 'Shares' category.

To vote for a BA WMID, go to the Shares--votes section, the "Votes of other companies" tab, select the current vote and press "FOR".

3. Administering a decision on making a payment

When the conditions specified for the vote on making a payment are met (50% of the voices are "FOR" out of half of the voters), then after a short vote count

the decision is officially made

and is carried out automatically (see the result in the BA Budget--purses section).