Recommendations for WebMoney Keeper WinPro secure operation

  • Always use the latest version of WM Keeper WinPro. When you start WM Keeper WinPro it automatically checks the version you have installed and, if there are any available updates, it offers to install them. Do not ignore these offers, and you will always have the most actual and reliable version of the program!
  • Make sure you have the up-to-date key file on removable media and the access code for it. Remember or better write down and save in a safe place the access code to WM Keeper WinPro known only by you - it will be required in case of program failure.
  • To ensure the maximum level of security - use the E-num service. By using E-num you are able to use a more secured authorization method that allows to get full access to WebMoney system services via a secret key that is stored on the smartphone. Please note that using WM Keeper WinPro on a public computer (Internet cafe, friends' computer) is possible only if the keys are stored in E-num Storage.
  • If you use WM Keeper WinPro exclusively on several specific computers - add their IP addresses to the white list. If the application is launched on a PC which IP-address is not in the list the start will be aborted and you will receive a message to your e-mail or phone containing the unlock code. If you have any difficulties defining your IP-address use the tip at the ip blocking page. Choose to send the unlock code to the phone, not to the email.
  • To control WM Keeper WinPro while being for any reason away from the computer where it is installed use the Notifications service. The service will inform you via a convenient communication channel (email, sms, telegram) about the incoming or outgoing transactions, new incoming invoices, new messages or when WM Keeper WinPro is launched.
  • To make your payments from WM Keeper WinPro safe and secured you should enable confirmation of transactions via E-num or SMS.