Notifications service

The WebMoney Notify service is designed to automatically notify users about changes in the status of their WM Keeper electronic purses.

Notifications can be sent to email addresses, mobile phones, and Telegram messenger clients immediately after the following events:

Each notification contains the exact time of the event, the correspondent's WMID and the amount (for transfers and invoices). Notifications about the launch of WM Keeper contain the IP address from which the software was accessed.

The notification service allows users to exercise full control over their WM Keeper, including the times when the user is not present at the computer where WM Keeper has been installed. This service also allows a user to quickly react to changes in the status of their electronic purses.

Configuring the notifications service provides options for selecting the method of message delivery and filtering events by correspondent WMID, purse numbers and transaction amounts.

In addition the notification service is integrated with the Capitaller system allowing you to specify the receipt of similar notifications when funds and invoices arrive via your budget automaton.

The Notifications service is a paid service. By depositing just 1 (one) WMZ to their account on the service users can receive:

  • 20 notifications by SMS.