Changing the computer or first startup

How to get access if you have changed computers or if WM Keeper WinPro is being launched on your computer for the first time?

1 Make sure that you have the key file and that you know the access code to it. See Key file page to learn what it is. If you don't have the key file or you are not sure that you can remember the exact access code, it is recommended that you make a new file while you have WM Keeper WinPro running.

For that, go to menu Tools → Settings → Security → Save keys to file. Please be careful when setting the key file access code. It is set locally and is not recorded in WebMoney logs. That is, we won’t be able to help you restore it because we simply don’t know it. Figuratively speaking, the effect is the same as if you included the key file in an archive and protected it with a password.

2 Besides, it is also recommended to save the database file (with the *.sdf extension). Losing it is less critical; but the file is still important. You can find out its location in the same section: Tools → Settings → More → "Data-file".

3 Write down your WMID and WMID password. Make sure you have access to the e-mail you have specified in the details. You can find out what e-mail you have specified in Tools → Personal information.

After reinstalling Windows (or you move to a new computer) you must:

1 Download and install WM Keeper WinPro.

2 Start WM Keeper WinPro and enter your WMID and password.

3 Answer that you have the key file.

4 Specify location of the key file (with the *.kwm extension), and the access code for it.

5 Specify the database file location (with the *.sdf extension).

6 Wait for the activation request, get the e-mail or SMS message with the activation code and enter it.

Keep the backup in a secure place! Don’t forget your password to it.

Users with an E-num account may log in using the following method: details.