Trusted WMIDs

A trusted WMID is a:

1 WMID which is authorized in your name to:
  • issue invoices;
  • transfer funds;
  • view transaction history;
  • verify purse balance.

This feature is implemented using WebMoney's XML interfaces.

The following limits may be set:

  • daily limit;
  • weekly limit;
  • monthly limit.

You can read more detailed information about this on the website for WebMoney Security: (accessible only after logging in).

2 WMID which may be granted the right to:

  • view all personal data in your WMID passport even if they are hidden from public view.

To view your personal data the owner of a WMID which has been added by you to your list of trusted WMIDs should open the page (accessible only after logging in):, where xxxxxxxxxxxx is your [[WMID]]
Your personal data may also be accessed through the X11 interface.

To add or delete a trusted WMID, or view a list of trusted WMIDs, visit the passport management panel

To simplify the procedure for being added to a trusted list to view personal data you have the option of using the following page:

Insert your own WMID instead of 464889785562, instead of use your website's address, and place the link on your site. When on the page, the WMID user will be prompted to add your WMID to the list of trusted ones, and after being added the user will return again to your site.