Initial passport

An initial passport is issued to WebMoney Transfer members who have received a formal passport after the verification of their personal (passport) information. Initial passports are not issued to users who have received an initial (or personal) passport before.

Holders of initial passports gain the following additional features provided by the system.

You can connect two additional WMID to the initial passport.

When attaching the 3rd additional WM-identifier, the condition becomes mandatory that any of the previously attached WMID`s should have BL level not lower than 20.

Getting the initial passport after recording and checking VideoID

This method of obtaining initial passport is available to all participants of the WebMoney Transfer system without restrictions. The cost of obtaining - 1 WMZ.

Getting an initial passport from a Personalizer

From one of the Persons participating in the Verification Centre Partner Program. The passport cost (minimum 1 WMZ and on average 2–5 WMZ) and passport issuance terms depend on the chosen Verifier.

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