Two Simple Steps to Accept WebMoney Payments

Perform the following steps in order to set up your site for receipt of WM payments via Merchant WebMoney Transfer:

  1. Make 3 HTML pages: the payment page, the page for successfully made payments and the page for unsuccessful payments. See samples of these pages below (pay.html, success.html and fail.html). These pages have all the sufficient elements necessary to set up the receipt of payments via Merchant WebMoney Transfer on your website.
  2. Set up Merchant WebMoney Transfer for processing customer payments made to your purse here. As a result you will be able to accept payments to the specified WebMoney purse and receive notifications about received payments via email.
1 Make 3 HTML pages
You will need to prepare three HTML pages for your site:
  • payment page - pay.html
  • page for successfully made payments - success.html
  • page for unsuccessful payments - fail.html

You can find an example of payments using these HTML pages (in test mode, without actually transferring funds) on the Merchant WebMoney Transfer site.

Below follows the sample code for these pages containing all of the key elements for payment acceptance.


<!-- pay.html -->

<form id=pay name=pay method="POST" action="">

<p>model payment via Merchant WebMoney Transfer</p>
<p>pay 1 WMZ...</p>

    <input type="hidden" name="LMI_PAYMENT_AMOUNT" value="1.0">
    <input type="hidden" name="LMI_PAYMENT_DESC" value="test payment">
    <input type="hidden" name="LMI_PAYMENT_NO" value="1">
    <input type="hidden" name="LMI_PAYEE_PURSE" value="Z145179295679">
    <input type="hidden" name="LMI_SIM_MODE" value="0">
    <input type="submit" value="submit">



<!-- success.html -->

<p>Payment was made</p>



<!-- fail.html -->

<p>Payment failed</p>


You should then upload the pages prepared to your own site.

2 Merchant WebMoney Transfer Set Up

Select Settings in the menu on the site ( Log in and select the purse which will be used to accept payments through Merchant WebMoney Transfer.

You will be redirected to the page where you can set up your purses. The parameters are described in the detailed guide. The following parameters are used on the page, which accepts WebMoney payments of 1 WMZ:
  • Trade name: Test of Merchant WebMoney Transfer Testing (this name is displayed on the webpage upon payment)
  • Secret Key: <consists of any series of characters selected by you> (this parameter is not used in test mode which is why the field is empty)
  • Result URL: mailto:
    (payment confirmation will be e-mailed to this address)
  • Success URL:
  • Fail URL:
  • Method of control signature generation: SHA256
  • Test/Active mode: Test
  • Activity: On
  • Send the Secret Key to the Result URL, if the Result URL is secure: not marked
  • Allow URLs transmitted in the form: not marked
  • method of requesting Success URL: Link
  • method of requesting Fail URL: Link

You just need to place the three pages on your website (you can just change the purse number and the amount on pay.html) and set up the service at in order to be able to accept WM to your purse via Merchant WebMoney Transfer.

Note that the model described above lets you receive WebMoney payments only for one product or service. If you sell a lot of products and services the integration of your website with Merchant WebMoney Transfer will be a bit different. See also our detailed guide on how to make the process of integrating your Internet store with the service simple and straightforward.

To be able to receive payments via Web Merchant Interface you have to receive a Merchant passport. However users who have an Initial passport can also receive funds via Web Merchant Interface but only in limited mode.

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