Code protected transfer in WM Keeper WinPro

When transferring funds, you can secure the transfer with a protection code. In essence, it is a password required for receiving the transfer.

To make such a transfer, you select the corresponding check box in the transfer window, choose and specify a protection code and also the protection time. (It is also possible to configure the program to generate protection codes automatically. To enable automatic generation of protection codes you should select "Tools" - "Settings" - "Security" - "Automatic generation of protection code.")

After that you will receive confirmation request , click "Next" and follow the instructions.

Please, enter simbols and click "Next". If there are other transaction confirmation methods activated for your WMID, confirm the operation via SMS or E-num.

In this case, the recipient will receive the funds and see them, but won't be able to use them until he/she enters the protection code. If he/she does not enter the code within the time period specified by you (the protection time), then the funds will be returned to your purse.

You can use this function in various ways. For example, when buying an item, you transfer funds using this method and let the merchant know the protection code upon the delivery of the article you bought (services provided, etc).

Most places for adding/withdrawing funds to/from the system use this option and ask their clients to transfer funds to them using a protection code. Upon coming to the office and stating the code, the sender thereby acknowledges that he/she has made the transfer (as well showing his/her passport).

Please note: We never ask our clients to enter the protection code a second time, neither on the website nor in any other place whatsoever. Be careful. We do not charge any additional fee for using a protection code.

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