WM Keeper activation with new equipment

If you reinstalled the operating system, added or deleted an application (such as USB-HDD), changed certain network configurations, or there were significant changes in the IP address, then you will see the following notification from the server when launching WM Keeper WinPro.

This window contains information about the need to activate the equipment which you use to attempt to enter WM Keeper.

A notification about where the activation code is being sent will arrive to your registered email address. By default the activation code will be sent to your mobile phone number via SMS.

To activate the equipment follow the link in the email or go to the WebMoney Security site and choose the "Activation" section and the "Equipment activation" subsection. Then enter the WMID number, the activation code you received via SMS, and the number in the image. Next press "Activate."

Check the information and confirm the activation by pressing "Yes."

The equipment is activated as stated in the page that appears.

Re-launch WM Keeper. You have successfully activated the equipment.

In addition in the "Activation" section you can set the activation code to be sent to your registered email address. For that go to the "Phone Activation" subsection.

By pressing "Prohibit send the activation code on your phone" you set it to be sent to your email.

WebMoney users who have an E-num account and have enabled the option of E-num authorization on the websites as well, can activate WM Keeper WinPro by authorizing with E-num in the "Activation" section of the Security Service website and clicking on the corresponding link in case they have not received an activation code by SMS or email.

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