WM IP addresses

All of the system's services use IP addresses from the following class C subnets in their operations:

  • 212.118.48.* ( mask, or in Unix notation,
  • 91.200.28.*( mask, or in Unix notation,
  • 91.227.52.* ( mask, or in Unix notation,
  • mask
  • mask

If you want to provide access only to the WM system and its services the simplest method is to include these subnets in the list of allowed addresses. All IP addresses from the listed subnets are used exclusively for the WM system and its affiliates.

There is also a more complicated method determining the precise addresses for services and opening access only for these addresses. This article has only the DNS names of the main servers for looking up IP addresses by DNS name you may want to use the nslookup program (part of the standard Windows installation).

1 Client software - WM Keeper, various versions

For all versions

  • security.web.money:(80|443)
  • security.webmoney.ru:(80|443)
  • security.wmtransfer.com:(80|443)
  • keeper.web.money:(80|443)
  • keeper.webmoney.ru:(80|443)
  • keeper.wmtransfer.com:(80|443)

WM Keeper WinPro

  • wmsc1.webmoney.ru:(2802)
  • wmsc2.webmoney.ru:(2802)
  • wmsc3.webmoney.ru:(2802)
  • wmsc4.webmoney.ru:(2802)
  • wmsc1.web.money:(2802)
  • wmsc2.web.money:(2802)
  • wmsc3.web.money:(2802)
  • wmsc4.web.money:(2802)
  • wmsc1.wmtransfer.com:(2802)
  • wmsc2.wmtransfer.com:(2802)
  • wmsc3.wmtransfer.com:(2802)
  • wmsc4.wmtransfer.com:(2802)

WM Keeper WebPro

  • light.web.money:(80|443)
  • light.webmoney.ru:(80|443)
  • light.wmtransfer.com:(80|443)

WM Keeper Standard

  • wallet.web.money:(80|443)
  • wallet.webmoney.ru:(80|443)
  • wallet.wmtransfer.com:(80|443)

2 Services payment, bill paying, etc.

Merchant - online payment system

  • merchant.web.money:(80|443)
  • merchant.webmoney.ru:(80|443)
  • merchant.wmtransfer.com:(80|443)

TelePay - bill paying service

  • telepay.web.money:(80|443)
  • telepay.webmoney.ru:(80|443)
  • telepay.wmtransfer.com:(80|443)