Personal account payment service

Personal accounts refilling service Telepay ( is designed for instant crediting of personal and subscriber's accounts opened with providers of various services. The service represents a large number of operators from Russia, CIS and far abroad. Transactions history is kept in "My payments" section. Currently payments for the following types of services are available:

Maximum amount of replenishment is limited.

Types of services Topup Limits
Daily limit Month limit
Mobile communications a formal (or above) passport 150 USD a formal (or above) passport 150 USD
Steam Month limit
the sender (WMID) account1
an alias passport, a formal and an initial - 200 USD,
a personal (or above) passport - 300 USD
100 USD
Steam Wallet Code 200 USD -
Russian mobile communications Month limit
the sender (WMID) per number
telephones of Russian operators:
a formal (or above) passport - 5000 RUB
a personal (or above) passport - 10 000 RUB

5000 RUB
10 000 RUB

1 The number of unique accounts used for withdrawal cannot be more than 3 per month (all WMIDs of one passport are taken into account).