Solvency level

Solvency level is an interval evaluation of WebMoney Transfer system participant, demonstrating a possibility to make payments and to fulfill his monetary obligations on time and in full manner. Four levels of solvency are represented by business-level (BL) color.

  • red < 1 000 WMZ, example, 87;
  • orange < 10 000 WMZ, example, 545;
  • green < 100 000 WMZ, example, 285;
  • blue > 100 000 WMZ, example, 457.

Solvency level of the system participant’s WMID calculates basing on the personal data, operation history and behavior factors. Meantime it has not direct relation with other WMID characteristic (business-level or trust-level) neither with remaining funds on the purses.

This parameter should be used while estimating reliability of counterparties before starting all the possible operations (sale, provision of loans, provision of services, performance of works, etc.) with them

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