Personal certificate reinstallation

You may need to reinstall a personal certificate in cases when you need to access WM Keeper WebPro
  • using a different browser;
  • after reinstalling your OS;
  • on another computer.
In a general case, the reinstallation procedure consists of two steps:
  1. Saving of the personal certificate with the private key into a file of the *.pfx/ *.p12 format to a portable drive (more instructions can be found here:Export of the WebPro key);
  2. Extraction of the personal certificate with the private key from a *.pfx/ *.p12 file and saving it to the browser certificate storage (more details can be found in the following instruction: Importing a Keeper WebPro key).

If you followed the system's recommendations while registering WM Keeper WebPro or after extending the certificate, a backup copy of the certificate (in the form of a *.pfx or *.p12 file) should already exist on your PC and you only need to complete the second step of the reinstallation procedure.

If you don't have this file, create it by completing the first step - export of the WM Keeper WebPro key - before reinstalling the system.

You may encounter the following difficulties:
  1. If the certificate was installed in the browser with no further import option (this is specified during the certificate import process), you cannot save the certificate along with a private key in the *.pfx or *.p12 format. Therefore, once you reinstall the system (or uninstall the browser), you will lose access to your WM Keeper WebPro purses. In this case, we recommend creating a new WMID, transferring the money to its purses and restoring the certificate.
  2. When exporting a certificate, make up and enter a password for the *.pfx or *.p12 file. If you forget it, you won't be able to extract the certificate from the file and you will need to complete the control restoration procedure.

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