Moving WM Keeper WinPro to another computer

WM Keeper WinPro moving feature makes it easier for your WM Keeper to be used on different devices.

Now, you do not need to save the key file and database file separately, remember the access code to them, go to the website and download the installation file to a new computer.

You just need to go pass WM Keeper WinPro moving procedure, during which you get an installation file that, when launched on a new computer, will restore all the necessary data, up to correspondence.

In order to move your WM Keeper to another PC and save all the data, you need to go to the "Tools" - "Settings" - "General"

We recommend that you set a password to the installation file for additional security.

Also choose where to save the installation file:

To the WebMoney Files service
To your computer

Saving to the WebMoney Files service

Saving to a computer

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