Loan borrower application

Loan borrower application

WebMoney users who use the Debt service to receive loans can increase the creditor's trust in them and raise the loan limit in the service.

To do this fill out the loan borrower application and find one or several WebMoney users who can vouch for the authenticity of the information provided in your application.

The loan borrower application contains the following information:
  • personal information from the user's passport;
  • additional information about education, employment, property ownership, and etc. that the user provides on his own.

All of the information provided in the application is accessible only by the author and the guarantors of the user's choice.

A guarantor can be any system user who has a passport no lower than an initial one and a Business Level no less than 10 points. They have to confirm only the information that is known to them based on authentic knowledge of the potential loan borrower.

The more information the potential loan borrower provides in the application and the more users vouch for the authenticity of the information provided in the application, the higher are the borrower's chances to receive a loan.

The guarantee is handed out for one year and is automatically recalled when this period runs out.
The guarantor can recall his confirmation of certain information specified in the loan borrower's application at any time.

In case it becomes apparent that false information was confirmed, the guarantor carries joint responsibility for the loan borrower's obligations to their contractors. As a result their own loan limit in the Debt service is reduced proportionally to the amount of guarantees they gave out.

Instructions for filling out and confirming a loan borrower's application appear below:

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