Keeper WebPro personal certificate export in Mozilla Firefox

If you wish to export your personal certificate in WM Keeper WebPro with a private key from Mozilla Firefox to a removable media, you should follow the easy steps below:

1 Open Certificate Manager - "Options" - "Privacy&Security" - "Certificates", click "View Certificate".

2 Select the "Your Certificates" tab in the Certificate Manager, highlight the certificate you wish to export and press "Backup".

3 In the next window select the path where you wish to save the certificate, choose a name for the file and click Save. It should be mentioned that Mozilla Firefox will export your certificate into a *.p12 file, it cannot export it into a *.pfx file

4 In the next window type a master password for the certificate (according to our tips it should have been specified beforehand)

5 In the next window type and confirm a password for the certificate backup file and click "OK". Make sure to save this password in a secure place.

Successfully backed up your securtity certificate and private key

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